Symmetrical Docking Friday (Week 269)


What’s that you say Symmetrical Docking Friday late again. Yes I know but only a little bit this time not a whole day. I got caught up in reading The Wise Man’s Fear and before I knew it, it was after midnight.

This week SDF features Gemini Sunrise and Kirishima Kanna from Sakura Taisen with a special Valentine’s Day gift for you.

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Symmetrical Docking Friday (Week 268)


Well it’s only six weeks into 2014 and I think that more the half of this years Symmetrical Docking Fridays have been late. Not exactly a good start to the new year. But I will keep trying to do better.

This weeks SDF features Miura Azusa and Shijou Takane from The Idolm@ster. (And yes the at sign is part of the name.) Dressed in either swimsuits or concert wear.

And speaking of the @ at sign why does it get such a boring name. I mean this & is the ampersand and this ~ is the tilde and this ÷ is the obelus. Cool names all but this @ is just the plain old at sign.

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Symmetrical Docking Friday (Week 266)


‘Tis Symmetrical Docking Friday time ladies and boys. This weeks SDF features a couple of girls from the mobile game Gang Road. Gang Road is one of the many free card games that have been big in Japan over the last few years. Like many of their brethren Gang Road is free to play but you can pay for ‘additional items’. Don’t know about Gang Road in particular but many “Free to Play” game just end up being Skinner Boxes to separate people from their money.

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Amazon Delivery: Jan 7, 2014


So as part of my 2014 goals is to get more stuff done. And, because I spend most of my days at work I often think of things I need or want to do there but can’t do until I get home. Often however by the time I get home I’ve forgotten what it was I going to do.

Enter the Field Notes memo book. These rugged made in the US book are great for keeping track of my todo list, or making notes on future project. I know what some of you are thinking, why not just use a ToDo app on my iPhone? One simple reason, speed. I can have the memo book out and write something down in less time then adding a item to a ToDo app.

The Field Notes I got this time is their Cold Horizon edition a 3-pack runs $9.99. Each cover is a slightly different blue gradient with 48 pages of 3/16″ gird paper. The pages are dense enough that you don’t have bleed through but not overly thick so the book doesn’t take up too much room in your pocket. If the blue covers or grid paper is not your thing their standard edition is a craft brown cover with graph, ruled, or plain paper. Other editions come with dot graph paper and their Expedition edition used a synthetic paper that’s water and tear proof.

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