The New Year to Come.

Well here it is the first post of the new year. So I thought that i would deal with a few new years resolution. Yea, i know that everyone seems to be doing one of these resolution post, and while you may be sick of them you just have to deal with one more.

Ok here we go:

  1. Post more to this blog. Even if it is just a quickie i will try to post at least twice a week with at least two major posts a month. I figure that this is a reasonable goal, its not that i don’t have ideas for things to say here but most of the time i don’t seem to get around to writing them. I might start at least scribbling something down on paper on my breaks at work if I start something i am more likely to finish it up (just the way my brain works i guess)

  2. Lose some weight. I know everyone make that one at the first of the year, but i am different I have been on a diet for about 6 months or so and have lost a bit over 50 pounds so far. It was 55 pounds until the holidays came and round and i lost a little ground. The goal is to get weight 200lbs and for a guy that’s six three that not too bad. So only about 35lbs to go and for those of you who cant to the math i was weighting in at 290lbs when i started the diet. I got on the scale one morning and saw the needle way to close to 300 for comfort.

  3. Work on the Japanese more. Like most things I have let it slide the last couple months.

  4. Get my room a bit more organized. The books and stuff are starting to take over. I have a good amount of magazines and reference stuff laying around that takes up a bunch of space but I don’t want to get rid of it so I got my eye on a scanner with a document feeder. If I can get the stuff scanned and on my harddrive I can get rid the of the hardcopy. I have tried to scan the stuff using a regular flatbed scanner but that just take forever. I also have been going though my comic collection and plan to sell off parts of it on eBay in a couple of months.

There are probably other that I could come up with but keeping the list to four should increase my chances of at least getting half of them done. So stay tuned and see how things work out.

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