July Page Rank


It’s that time o’month again where we look to see how The Geek’s plan for World Domination and Glorytm is going.

Well as we can see from the graphic above the Page Rank has increased to 260k up from 270k last month. But, for the first time weekly page rank in below the three month average, and the three month pages per visit is down slightly too. If I would have to explain why the slow down I would have go guess that it was do in part to the summer months.

I do plan to start using the funds I have built up over at Project Wonderful to do a little advertising. Just a soon as I create the ad boxes.

You may have also noticed an increase to the Trip to Japan fund, 1% down, 99% to go. Would like to thank those who purchased items thru the links, you know who you are, cause I got no idea. What I do know is you like Kill Bill 1 and 2 and that you have a region 2 dvd player.

That it for this report hopefully come this time next month we will have gained some more ground.

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2 Responses to July Page Rank

  1. Panther says:

    Alexa is not a good indicator of how well your site is actually doing, but rather how much worth your site is. I far prefer GoStats, which also uses Google Analytics. Still it is your choice I guess. And I hope your Japan fund keeps growing haha, cheers.

  2. The Geek says:

    Yea I know about Alexa, I use it as an relative indicator. I’m useing WordPress Stats for tracking daily page hits.

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