Terminator:TSCC DVD Release


Coming out on DVD and Blu-ray in just two weeks is the first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. T:TSCC was mid season show so it is only a three disc collection and Amazon has it for only 20 bucks. I’ll mostly pick this up at some time, because while I watched a few episodes it never made it to the must watch list so I ended up missing a few near the end of the season. That plus the fact you get almost 300 minutes of Summer Glau is allways a good thing.

Fox has picked up the show for the fall season with new episodes starting September 8th, 2008. So we should hopefully be seeing more character development episode with out some much of the fight of the week that I saw during the first part of season one.

With Terminator: Salvation coming out next year we will now have two official Terminator time lines. That’s kind of one of my pet peeves with shows that use time travel either we end up with multiple time lines, which isn’t too bad if they can keep them well separated and don’t muddy things up too much. Or, you end up with whole episodes that never took place cause at the end they loop back the beginning of the episode. (Star Trek: Voyager I’m looking at you.)

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