Review: Discovery Channel's Time Warp


The new show on the Discovery Channel, Time Warp, takes actions that we see every day an through the use of digital high speed cameras slows them down, a lot. Back in the day of film cameras slow motion was very expensive, cause lets face it if your shooting something at 2000 frames per second your burning through a minute and half worth of film every second. So extreme slow-motion wasn’t use a lot, but thanks to the digital age once you buy the camera you can shoot all you want.

The program it kind of neat, where else can you see why running you blender at it’s highest speed is not the quickest way to turn gum balls in to powder. (It’s because the blades are moving so fast that they tend to hit the gum-balls before the fall below the level of the blades.) Or, why slamming you palm on the mouth of a beer bottle full of water will make the bottom fall out of it. ( It’s because cavitation is not just for ship propellers.)

I do have one slight problem with the show thou, and it took place in the first episode during the Stone Breaking segment. In the video below a about minute two the voice over guy states that the blocks take about 300 pounds of force to break and since the guy is breaking six of them he will need to generate about 1800 pounds of force to break them all, or eight times his own body weight. I hate to break to you but no he won’t. As you can see in the video the six blocks are separated by little blocks of wood. No if the six block were one right on top of each other then yea the guy would have to apply a lot of force to break them all. But, ( and its a big one) because the blocks are separated by the sticks he is only breaking one at a time. You can even see it in the video, the top block is completely broken before block two and so on. So what the guy is actually needs to do is generate the 300 pounds of force for a extended period of time. Yea his is most likely producing more then the 300 pounds need to break the first block but it is no where near the 1800 pounds they claim.

Except for that one little gaffe its a good show and it comes on right before Mythbusters so I’ll most likely keep watching it. Unless they don’t get a better science editor then I’ll just fast forward though to the good bits.

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