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One of the problems with have a blog or any website where people can leave comments is that sooner or later your going to get hit with Spam. To stop it you can either set your site to hold all comment for you approval or just delete each spam as it comes in, but seeing how both of those can take a lot of time even if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, most site owners rely on software. The software that I use here on TheGeekReview is Akismet, made by the same people who are responsible for WordPress, the software that this site runs on.

In a resent upgrade to the service Akismet added stats. So now not only do I know how much spam was blocked but how much I’m getting each day. Now normally I don’t get that much spam here but from the looks of the chart above the spammers went batshit crazy for my site for the last three weeks of September for some reason. At one point I had almost 250 spam comments in one day.

So what do you do about spam on your site?

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5 Responses to Spam Blocker

  1. Panther says:

    I use Spam Karma 2. It is discontinued where support is concerned, but it is way more powerful than Akismet, which may turn some people off though.

  2. Calan says:

    I find it really annoying when sites have comments set to all be held for moderation – makes conversations through comments nearly impossible, and also leaves me wondering “did my comment go through?”

    I use Akismet on my blog ( as well… works pretty well.

    Spam just kinda depresses me though – makes me realize how few real comments I get :P

  3. The Geek says:

    The crazy thing is I’ve seen a Akismet plug-in for Spam Karma.

  4. Calan says:

    Kinda off-topic, but what plugin do you use for the “Other posts of interest” thing?

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