January Stats


It’s about that time again to track how well The Geek Review is doing on it’s track towards global domination. As we can see from the Google Analytics graph above January saw over 7 thousand visits and 11 thousand page views. This is a slight drop from December’s numbers but still almost 50% gain over November 2009. Bounce Rate and New Visit rate are still higher then I would like still trying to figure out ways to reduce these numbers. January also saw Google Adsense revenue of almost $2.00 with the addition of the adbox above the comment section. Adsense fund will be add to the Trip to Japan Fund (see side bar) when paid out. Project Wonderful ad revenue is still being reinvested to promote the site. Thou I do need to come up with some new ad banners.

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2 Responses to January Stats

  1. ed3 says:

    Awesome stats.. I could only hope for that many hits..

  2. The Geek says:

    Well it’s taken me over two year to get to this point, so partly it just a matter of time to get know.

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