Symmetrical Docking Friday (Week 58)


Thou the SDF Championship is done the Docking does not end. For this weeks SDF we have a common theme that appears in Symmetrical Docking pics and that is of the opposite charters. In this case our opposites are an Angel and a well not really a devil but definitely a dark being of some kind.

It seems our cute little Angel has spilt her drink and the dark winged lady, who is even more scantly clad then the Angel is being very aggressive in helping her clean up the mess.

Have a favorite Docking pic that you think will do well in the 2010 SDF Championship? Leave and link in the comments, if it gets featured as a SDF we will see how well it does in the Championship.

image via moe

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One Response to Symmetrical Docking Friday (Week 58)

  1. Guy says:

    Nummy. Might have to look in my folders for existing SD pictures.
    .-= Guy´s last blog ..Figure Friday – September 25th-October 1st. =-.

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