12 Books of Christmas (Day 9)


Day nine in the 12 books of Christmas brings us Eve of Darkness by S.J. Day. It’s one of those books that I picked up limited selection a the local grocery store, yea I’m a bit of a sucker for a hot girl on the cover.

As new worlds go Eve of Darkness is pretty unique. There are werewolves, sprites, gremlins, and monsters of various kinds, then there are Angles and Demons. Then there are those humans who are recruited to fight on the side of the Angles The Marked. The Marked are sinners and to wipe out that sin they have to fight the good fight. Evangeline Hollis is one of those sinner with the Mark of Cain and just when she thinks her career is going great she get pulled into Gods army by Cain himself, but Able has an eye for Evangeline as well. Which put her right in the middle of a love/lust triangle with the oldest case of sibling rivalry.

Overall Eve of Darkness is kind of a mashup between Urban Fantasy and Bodice Ripper romance. With the sex aspect played up a little to much for me. The book end with a cliffhanger and I’m not real sure if I’m going to pick up the later books.

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