About The Geek

I am TheGeek, AKA David Kersey.

Yes I am a geek by you ask what kind of geek as there are many sub-species of geek of the North American Geek (Geekus Americanious). Am I a Scifi geek, a Star Wars geek, a Star Trek geek, a Gamer geek, a Fantasy geek, a Computer geek, an SCA geek, a Science geek, a electronics geek? Yes I am all those and more I guess I am a meta-Geek. I have always said that I have way to many hobbies for my income level and that’s true. My interests are very broad to have just one hobbie otherwise I would get bored (or get something done.)

I spent a lot of time in and out of college after I graduated high school back in 1987. At first I was going to a Shasta College (a local Jr College) and changed my major several times. I don’t quite remember what order they were but at one time or another I was an Accounting major, a Engeriner major, and Architecture major, I think I was a Math major for a couple of months. I finally settled down and got an AA in Computer Electronics. That was as far as I was originally planing on going but the teacher in charge of the Electronics program convinced me to go on to a four year school and get my a bachelors degree.

The Geek

3 Responses to About The Geek

  1. john says:

    you’ll always be my favorite geek, you should get on youtube, get some real publicity.

  2. 81085 says:

    i just found out aboot this website from a bridget from guilty gear link and i have already bookmarked this page

  3. Gibson says:

    Hey David, this is Gibson from dannychoo, we were talking the other day about the wordpress/css/php thing. I forgot to write down the website you were talking about can you send me the link again?

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